AGENDA | Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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C-store IQ 2023: The new c-store shopper

Beth Brickel

Join EnsembleIQ Vice-President, Research Beth Brickel, who reveals exclusive data and insights from the all new 2023 C-store IQ National Shopper Study, Canada’s only convenience and gas specific research that delves into the evolving wants, needs and values of your current and future customers, from Gen Z through Millennial, Gen X and Boomer. How do shoppers define convenience in an omnichannel world? How are new daily habits shaping the c-store shopping experience? What products are they purchasing? Is foodservice the future? And more!
Whether you have one store or 100, understanding this “new c-store shopper” is fundamental to your business success. 

C-school: Proven business lessons to drive growth and profits

Daniel Tsai

Daniel Tsai is a lawyer, business executive, educator and columnist, who also happens to remotely operate a successful convenience store and gas station in B.C.  While he grew up in the business that his parents had operated and owned for more than 40 years, Tsai never planned to take over the family business.  He calls it a typical immigrant story – his parents sacrificed and worked long, hard hours so their children could have better lives, while he pursued several law degrees, a PhD, and, later, an Ivy League MBA.  When the business was struggling due to the “Costco effect,” and the tenant gave notice to abandon the site, Tsai took over, using his business know-how, technology, and marketing expertise to propel unprecedented growth. In just five years, he’s turned the struggling c-gas operation into a community destination with lineups at the pumps. Join the Cornell University trained business professor as he shares insights and best practices to help make your business more profitable.

Feed your bottom line: How to take advantage of the c-store foodservice advantage

Jeff Dover

Foodservice is an important segment for convenience stores seeking to boost their bottom line and flourish in a competitive landscape. The good news is that convenience stores have strategic advantages when it comes to offering foodservice: For instance, often a c-store foodservice program can be implemented with minimal incremental labour and occupancy costs. Join Jeff Dover of fsSTRATEGY as he digs into how to take full advantage of c-stores’ unique market position and highlights what operators need to do in order to build a successful and profitable foodservice program. Whether you have one store or operate a chain of stores, with the right planning, menu design and store layout, find out how you can have a profitable future in foodservice. And, for those who already offer foodservice, this session will provide insights into streamlining your operations to increase revenues. 

Maximize your earnings and boost your foot traffic: Hosting a Bitcoin ATM for retail operators

Are you looking for new ways to boost your revenue and attract more customers to your retail store? The rapid adoption of cryptocurrency has opened up a new revenue stream for convenience operators. Learn how hosting a Bitcoin ATM at your location can drive recurring revenue and increase foot traffic to your business. Join Tristan Fong, co-founder and CEO of Localcoin, for an exclusive education session on the basics of Bitcoin ATMs and how to get started. Discover how easy it is to tap into this growing market and take your business to the next level

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Supporting the convenience store industry: How JTI is working to support retailers in our markets

Tobacco is the largest product category in convenience, but sales are declining across the country. One of the primary reasons is Illicit tobacco, which costs all Canadians, but particularly convenience retailers. Across Canada, c-store operators are paying the ultimate price in terms of declining sales and lost revenues. While fewer people are smoking, that is not the whole story–contraband tobacco is a major issue in all communities. Find out what JTI is doing to advocate for and support c-store operators coast to coast to coast. 

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Canadian Carwash Association | Breakfast

Attendees must be registered for the morning sessions to receive breakfast.

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Strategies for Maximizing Your Site: Choosing the Ideal Express Tunnel Location - Patrick Conium, Analytics Team Leader at NCS and Alison Tilley, Strategic Operation Support Manager, NCS

This presentation will discuss the key considerations when selecting a site for car wash express tunnel, and how to identify optimal sites to maximize the success of the business. We will explore the importance of location, including the demographics of the area, visibility, traffic patterns and competition, and how these factors can affect the success of the business. We will provide tips on how to identify potential sites and the steps to take after selecting a site. By the end of this presentation, you should have a better understanding of the importance of selecting the right site for a car wash express tunnel and how to identify potential locations to maximize the success of the business.

Ask Me Anything Panel with Mike Black, Valet Car Wash, Duro Bicanic, Bicorp Design Group Ltd. Paul Harkins, Sonny's Enterprises Inc.. Moderated by Michael Howe, Washlinks

Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned pro or in the exploratory stages of your business, bring your car wash questions to this session to ask our panel of experts, which includes: Mike Black, Valet Car Wash; Duro Bicanic, Bicorp Design Group Ltd.; and Patrick Harkins, Sonny’s.

Canadian Carwash Association | Lunch

Attendees must be registered for the morning sessions to receive lunch.

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Trade Show Floor Open 12-5 p.m.