Welcome Exhibitors!

We are thrilled that you will be joining us in Toronto for The Convenience U CARWACS Show, March 5-6, 2024! This digital Exhibitor Manual contains all of the necessary information that you will need to successfully prepare for the show and install your exhibit. 

We highly recommend you bookmark this page for future reference.

This kit includes:

  • Must Know Info
  • Step-by-Step Guide to preparing for exhibition including:
    • Show Guide form
    • Registration information
    • Booth Regulations
    • Marketing Materials
  • Vendor Contact Information
  • Move-In/Move-Out
    • Advanced Warehousing and Direct Shipping
    • Customs
    • Insurance
    • Marshalling
    • Further Details
  • Key Contacts

Note: We recommend using Google Chrome to open links in this manual. 

Questions? Email Amanda Leandro - Show Producer

Must-Know Info


The International Centre, Hall 5

6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8


You are responsible for making your own hotel reservations. To make reservations at the hotels listed, please click the booking links below.

Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport

Hilton Garden Inn Toronto Airport

Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites

Payment of Account

Show Management reserves the right to refuse entry into the Show to any Exhibitor whose account has not been paid in full.

19+ Event

No persons under the age of 19 shall be permitted in the exhibit hall or loading dock area during the move-in, show days, or move-out days.

Health & Safety

Please review your OSHA obligations here.

The show follows local guidelines regarding Covid-19 and requires all registrants to complete a waiver during registration in order to participate at the event.

Step-by-Step Guide

To make sure your company is properly listed on our website, event app, and marketing materials, please fill out the Submit Show Guide Information form below to provide your company information. It will take 2-3 minutes of your time.

If you need to update this information after submitting, please use the link in the welcome email sent to you.

Final updates for the digital app can be made until Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

All exhibit staff must wear a name badge in order to gain access to the Exhibit Hall. Please register all of your booth staff using the Exhibitor Registration Link that will be sent directly to your logistical contact.

If you cannot find that email, please email your sales representative and Amanda Leandro.

Third Party Badges - It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to register the names of models or other temporary help for the Trade Show. Please provide these individuals with the correct name of the company, booth location, and name of your appropriate company contact at the booth. Only qualified Exhibitor personnel or temporary help in their direct employ will be issued name badges and allowed access to the Exhibit Hall.

Unless otherwise noted in your contract, your booth is only furnished with pipe and drape. Carpet, furniture, electrical, etc. are not included and can be rented or purchased under the Vendors Contact below.

Show Management retains full authority in the interpretation and enforcement of all rules and regulations governing Exhibitors.

Exhibitors who fail to abide by the rules and regulations or who, in the judgment of Show Management, conduct themselves in an unethical manner, will be dismissed from the show without refund.

Please Note

  • All sides and surfaces of exhibit displays (booth and signs), which are exposed to view, must be properly finished and decorated to present an attractive appearance and must not be objectionable to other exhibits or to Show Management.
  • The entire display, including all equipment, easels and signs, must be within the confines of the contracted booth space.
  • Fastening, painting, drilling or use of adhesives on floors, walls, ceilings, fixtures or any part of the facility is not permitted.
  • Exhibitors wishing to lay their own floor covering must use adhesive that is removable without causing damage to the building finishes.
  • Construction or ceiling decorations of the booths must not impede the operation of the sprinkler system. Any rigging MUST be done by Showtech Power & Lighting (see Signage tab below for contact information).
  • All entrances, exits, aisles and passageways shall be unobstructed at all times.

Damage caused by failure to observe the regulations above will be paid for by the Exhibitor.

  • Demos
    • All interviews, demonstrations, or distribution of literature must take place within the booth space assigned to the individual Exhibitors, and must not interfere with normal aisle traffic.
    • Exhibitors should allow sufficient space within the booth area to absorb the majority of the anticipated crowd during demonstrations/presentations.
    • Exhibitors, whose demonstrations/presentations cause spectators to interfere with normal aisle traffic, or unduly overflow into the display area of neighbouring exhibits, may be asked to limit or eliminate their presentations.
  • Noise, Light, & Odours
    • Noise must not interfere with the rights and privileges of other Exhibitors. Exhibitors may not operate sound amplifying devices that projects sound above a normal conversational level. Exhibitors may not operate display lighting, or odour-generating devices or activities that interfere with the rights and privileges of other Exhibitors. Show Management reserves the right to exercise its own judgment in responding to Exhibitor complaints in this regard.
  • Contests
    • Competition and like promotions conducted by exhibitors in conjunction with their displays shall be of a clear cut nature, and free of any obligation to the winner. Please connect with Show Management if you plan to run a contest in your booth.
  • Photography & Booth Visits
    • No exhibit booth may be photographed or videotaped except with the permission of the legitimate occupants of that booth. This restriction also applies to members of the media.
    • Individuals who are seen photographing or videoing another exhibit WITHOUT prior permission will have their camera confiscated and may be asked to leave the show.
    • Exhibitors wishing to enter another Exhibitor's area may only do so if invited.
  • Fire Regulations
    • The International Centre has strict fire safety requirements. The Exhibitor assumes responsibility for compliance with municipal and provincial regulations concerning fire, safety and health. All exhibit equipment and materials must be protected by safety guards and devices where appropriate. All display material must be flame proofed and subject to inspection by The City of Mississauga Fire Department. No flammable liquids or substances of any kind may be used, stored or displayed in the Exhibit Hall. Aisles and exits must be kept clear at all times. All fire hose cabinets must be left accessible and in clear view at all times. Combustible decorations such as crepe paper, foam, tissue paper, cardboard and corrugated paper are prohibited. All packing containers, excelsior and wrapping paper are to be removed from the floor and must not be stored under tables or behind displays.
    • Please download the City of Mississauga’s Fire Regulations in this manual for detailed information regarding fire safety at The International Centre.
  • Motorized Equipment / Mechanical Conveyances
    • Mechanical conveyances such as electric carts, scooters or bicycles will not be permitted in the aisles during show hours. The only exception to this rule will be in the case of persons requiring the use of nonmotorized and motorized wheelchairs while visiting the show.
    • Exhibitors who are showing equipment in a moving and operating condition must notify Show Management and are required to provide every possible precaution for the safety of show visitors, their own operators, and exhibit personnel.
  • Visas
    • Many visitors to Canada need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visitor visa. To learn more about entry requirements on the Government of Canada's website.
  •  Sales on the Show Floor
    • Exhibitors distributing promotional material or soliciting business must do so within their exhibit space. Such activities are not permitted in the aisles, registration areas, hallways or other exhibits.
    • The building owners warn that Exhibitors handing out adhesive backed promotional material will be charged for removal of this material from the walls and floors of the building.
    • Only participating Exhibitors have the right to promote or sell goods or services in this show.
    • Non-exhibiting parties who attempt to make sale solicitations, without expressed written permission of Show Management, will be permanently removed from the show area.
    • It is the responsibility of exhibitors to ensure compliance with the Criminal Code of Canada, and any customs requirements.
    • Bonded Goods - There are also specific customs regulations regarding the sale of bonded goods at the show. If these regulations are not complied with, the goods will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense at the close of the show move-out to a bonded warehouse for subsequent tax payments and clearance.

As an exhibitor, we know you want to showcase your participation at The Convenience U CARWACS Show. Click the button below and open a new window with all of the files available for download.

Example of promotional banner available for use.



Monday, March 4

Tuesday, March 5

Wednesday, March 6

Move-in / Set-up

12:00pm - 8:00pm


Hand-carry move-in only

No dollies or hand carts allowed. 


8:00am - 11:00am


Trade show hours


12:00pm - 5:00pm

12:00pm - 5:00pm

Move-out / Dismantle

Move-out is not permitted until the aisle carpets have been removed.


6:00pm - 11:00pm

Advanced Warehousing - Shipments accepted on business days between February 6-27

Advance shipments arriving at GES warehouse prior to the move-in date will be accepted and charged to the exhibitor based on the advance receiving rates. Exhibitors who use GES will have their material automatically priority-scheduled to the site. If you require advance warehousing please visit the GES Online Portal. Freight sent to the Advance Warehouse will be delivered to the International Centre on the morning of Monday, March 6.

GES c/o North American Logistic Services Inc.

The Convenience U CARWACS Show

Exhibiting Company Name, Booth # ____________

49 Simpson Road

Bolton, Ontario L7E 2R6


Shipments should arrive on or between business days:

  • Monday, February 6, 2023 - Monday, February 27, 2023

Warehouse receiving hours are:

  • Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM; Closed Holidays.

NOTE: International Exhibitors - Please notify GES for customs clearance assistance.


Direct Shipping

Direct shipments should not arrive at the International Centre prior to Monday, March 6.

NOTE: International Exhibitors - Please notify GES for customs clearance assistance.

Please label all direct shipments using the following information & format:


The Convenience U CARWACS Show

Exhibiting Company Name, Booth # ____________

International Centre, Hall 5

The International Centre - Hall 5

6900 Airport Road

Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1E8


For all information on customs, please reference the customs forms through the GES Online Portal.

Be sure your materials are insured from the time they leave your firm until they are returned after the show. It is suggested that Exhibitors arrange all risk coverage. This can usually be done by riders to existing policies. Contact your insurance representative. Be sure your liability insurance is in effect during transit and return of your materials, during storage and at show site.

You may submit these forms to Show Management.

GES does not preschedule docks at this facility--it is a first-come, first-served basis.

You may go directly to the International Centre docks, if there is a dock available. If all docks are full, there is a marshalling area on the East side of Hall 5 at the International Centre where you may check in with the staff and they will direct you to the docks once they are available.

All you need to do is show up at your move in time and you will be accommodated.

If you require further assistance, please contact Shelley Riley at [email protected].


If an exhibitor representative is not present when their shipment arrives at the site, it will be automatically unloaded by GES and delivered to the booth location marked on the shipment.

Container Storage

Storage labels will be provided by GES and may be picked up during show move-in at the material handling show office. The exhibitor is responsible for clearly marking the exhibiting company name and booth number on these labels and placing them on all empty containers that they would like stored during the show.


No dismantling or removal of exhibits or exhibit material is permitted before the close of the show. No crates will be removed from the storage area or delivered to booths until the official close of the show at 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 8.

All display materials must be completely removed from The International Centre prior to 11:00pm on Wednesday, March 8.

Carriers must check-in with docking staff upon arrival for scheduling purposes.

Any articles left in the hall past 11:00pm will be removed and stored by GES at the exhibitor’s expense. EnsembleIQ, The International Centre and GES will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to articles removed after the deadline.

The following notes apply to setup and dismantling:

  • Access to and flow of vehicles or trucks on the exhibition hall floor is limited and controlled.
  • Drivers of vehicles must stand by vehicles at all times with parking lights on.
  • The idling of trucks while in the loading dock area of the building or on the exhibition floor is prohibited.
  • Crates and packaging materials must be removed promptly. The Exhibitor is to monitor this activity.
  • Restriction on the use of materials, processes and equipment during setup and dismantling must be adhered to.
  • Any type of utility connection (i.e.: electrical, audio, video, water, compressed air, steam, etc.) must be carried out by the Licensor's authorized personnel or its appointees.
  • Material handling equipment other than electrically powered will not be permitted in the facility during shows or overnight, nor will tools and equipment powered by flammable fuels, except materials handling equipment

Vendor Contact Information

GES is the Convenience U CARWACS Show's primary exhibitor services provider. You may order items for your booth, arrange shipping, and much through their Expresso platform (link in the button to the right). If at any time you need further assistance, feel free to contact GES at [email protected].

To take advantage of discount pricing, please order online by Monday, February 13, 2023.

All exhibits are required to have carpeting or equivalent flooring (e.g. tile, hardwood, laminate, etc.) covering the visible concrete floor in your exhibit space. Carpet may be rented via GES Expresso Portal.

Note: Booths that do not have carpet (or equivalent flooring) by 11:00am on Tuesday, March 7, will have carpet installed by GES at the exhibitor’s expense.

You may order lead retrieval from Conexsys through the button below OR via order.conexsys.com with event code CNUE23E

Please do not submit any forms to Show Management.

Material Handling can be arranged through the GES Expresso Portal including shipping and in-booth forklift. Reserving these in advance will save you from the on-site surcharge!

Unless otherwise noted in your contract, your booth does not include furniture. If you wish to have furniture in your space, please visit the GES Expresso Portal to place an order for furnishings.

You can purchase electrical via Showtech Lighting & Power.

It is the responsibility of each Exhibitor to ensure that all electrical equipment in, on or about their booth complies with the Electrical Safety Code, Ontario Regulation 180/84. Appropriate approval markings (ESA monogram or label) must appear on each device. If the ESA markings are missing, the device will be considered unapproved and subject to inspection and/or removal from the premises.

If you wish to display, offer for sale, or use any electrical equipment that is not certified by the CSA, you must complete and submit an application to the Electrical Safety Authority. The form can be found here and on the ESA website.

If you are unsure about an item, please connect with Showtech Lighting & Power.

Limited to booths 20’ x 20’ or larger.

All signs, banners and other display materials must be properly affixed to the exhibit or be self-supporting from the floor within the height restrictions outlined in this manual. If you require special rigging of signs and/or banners you must order this service through Showtech Power & Lighting service portal.

To take advantage of discount pricing, please order online by Monday, February 13, 2023.


Show Management will provide general security, but cannot guarantee against loss or damage.

Each Exhibitor is responsible for their person and exhibit property. Should you require additional security for your materials/exhibit, please contact Treena Didine with Tone-Gar.

The International Centre holds the exclusive rights for food & beverage production and distribution within its facility. “Show Distributors” (i.e. show management, exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, etc.) may request permission to sell or distribute samples for product(s) that are produced and/or sold as their primary line of business. The International Centre holds all final rights to approve or deny any or all requests.

Please download the authorization form below and send to [email protected].

If sampling alcoholic beverages, please contact Show Management at [email protected].

Exhibitors should keep their booths clean and clear of obstruction. If you require cleaning services, please download the form below and send to [email protected].

You can order internet through Encore Canada at the contact below. 


[email protected]


Sponsor and Exhibitor Contacts

Event Operations Contacts

Sponsorship Inquiries

Convenience U CARWACS

Sandra Parente, 416.271.4706

[email protected]

Show Director

Kris Newton

[email protected]

Exhibiting Inquiries


Jonathan Davis, 705-970-3670

[email protected]

Show Producer - Sponsorship/Exhibitor Logistics 

Amanda Leandro

[email protected]

Exhibiting Inquiries


Elijah Hoffman, 647-339-9654

[email protected]

Attendee Registration

For assistance registering for the event, please contact us:

[email protected]

Conference Programming

Michelle Warren

[email protected]


Key Contacts