Full Name
Cheryl Wells
Job Title
Director of HR
Company Name
Speaker Bio
Cheryl Wells, is a Director of Human Resources at NielsenIQ, a global consumer intelligence company.
With over 24 year's experience in consumer analytics, sales and people management, her passion for people led her to a career path in human resources in 2018. Her diverse experience enables unique perspectives for the business units she supports enabling her to make broader impacts on the organization and its people. She is currently responsible for aligning HR plans to business strategy, helping to drive success for the NielsenIQ business.
As a diversity, equity and inclusion champion, Cheryl enthusiastically role models company culture, and is proud of the work that her team has done to drive a diverse and inclusive work environment at NielsenIQ. Cheryl has always held a variety of leadership roles within the Employee Resource Groups at NielsenIQ and in 2022, took on the Chair position of the Canadian Inclusion Impact Team which leads site level initiatives focused on common goals across all 9 Employee Resource Groups.
From a diversity perspective, NielsenIQ’s goal is to represent the consumers they measure in the marketplace. Cheryl and the HR team at NielsenIQ, are passionate about recruiting, developing and retaining diverse teams because they know that it makes them a stronger company.