Full Name
Sam Tam
Job Title
Company Name
Canadian Vaping Association
Speaker Bio
With more than ten years of experience in the vaping industry, Sam has dedicated himself to advocating for sensible regulations that strike a balance between providing safe access for adult smokers choosing vaping as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes and ensuring that vaping products in Canada do not appeal to the country's youth. His focus includes; policy recommendations on packaging, labeling, and the marketing of vaping products. A staunch supporter of harm reduction, Sam believes in Canadians' right to accurate information regarding the efficacy and safety of legal vaping products for smoking cessation.
As the head of the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA), Sam and his team have played a pivotal role in developing the CVA guidance document for Vaping Products Labeling and Packaging Regulations. This document serves as a valuable resource for the vaping industry, aiding in navigating the regulatory landscape outlined in the Vaping Products Labeling Packaging Regulations (VPLPR). Sam's unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance ensures that the industry aligns with the standards set by Health Canada.
Additionally, Sam holds a position as a member of the standards technical panel for Underwriter’s Laboratory UL 8139. In this role, he actively contributes to the development of safe vaping products that meet all electrical system requirements for consumer safety.
Over the years, Sam and the CVA have formulated a blueprint for a Smoke-Free Canada, where vaping plays a significant role in achieving the objectives outlined in Canada’s Tobacco Strategy of reducing smoking rates to less than 5 percent by 2035.