Full Name
Robert Widler
Company Name
Aqua Detox
Speaker Bio
Robert Widler is the North American Business Development Director for aquadetox International, Germany. He holds his Bachelor of Engineering-Industrial Engineering degree and his Master of Engineering -Industrial Engineering Degree specializing in mechanical engineering. Robert has worked in the automotive and water treatment industries over the past five years specializing in sustainability concepts and applies his knowledge to assist the 6,500 aquadetox clients world-wide with their sustainability practices. He personally is a Lieutenant at the voluntary fire department in his hometown and is an Officer for Youth there as well. Robert is here today to share with us how water resources of 25 years ago in Europe were being utilized, and what that looks like today in terms of resources and usage. He has seen firsthand and worked with other car wash owners with the inherent issues both today and beyond with the water situation if we don’t work towards protecting it now. He will share with us what challenges this presents to our industry today and in the future if we continue the same trajectory 10-20 years from now, or sooner. He provides real-life examples of how clients are protecting their resources, their business income, and retaining their customers.